Shipping Multiple Books to Different Addresses

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Instructions for shipping
multiple books to different addresses

please read carefully

  • On the product order page, enter an even number in the Quantity box for the total number of books you want then click .Add to cart.

    • If you want to buy one book and get one more for 75% off, enter 2 in the Quantity box.

    • If  you want to buy four books and get four more for 75% off, enter 8 in the Quantity box.

  • On the next page, click the box in the yellow bar that reads .Ship to multiple addresses.

      • click that, and the address input boxes will appear

      • in the first/top box, select the number of books you want to send to the first recipient

      • next, move to the right and click the down arrow symbol to the right of Select from saved address

      • click New address

      • a pop-up arrears; enter the address of the recipient, and then click Continue

      • repeat this process, selecting the number of books and entering the shipping address for each recipient

      • once all recipients are entered, click the  Continue  box

  • On the next page, select your shipping method for each shipment, and then enter promo code BOGO75 in the discount code box and click the .Apply. button

  • If you completed the above steps correctly, you will see a message confirming .Your discount was applied successfully!.

  • click the  Checkout  box

  • On the next page:

    • fill in the Contact information and Shipping address fields then click .Continue to shipping. 

    • select your Shipping method and click .Continue to payment. 

    • complete your Payment information and click .Pay now.


This is important!

If you ship books to different addresses, you will receive multiple order confirmation e-mail: The first is the master order, and the subsequent e-mails are the individual orders for the different shipments. 

It's a little confusing—we know, and we apologize—but it's the way our system splits multiple shipments. You will not be charged additional, but rather the master order shows the total, and the individual orders show the split payment amounts.


If you wish to ship all books to one address, click here for those instructions.


If you have any questions, please e-mail us.