Boston Bruins
Full :60 to History
The Official Stanley Cup Championship Commemorative

$ 50.00

Foreword by Cam Neely
Introduction by Peter Chiarelli
Afterword by Mark Recchi
Written by John Bishop & Eric Tosi

It was a journey unlike anyone had seen in generations as the Bruins Stanley Cup Championship in 2011 solidified Boston's reputation as "Title Town" and fulfilled the dreams of millions of diehard hockey fans in New England. 

Full 60 to History: The Inside Story of the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins is a thoroughly researched and illustrated volume, lived by the people who populated its pages, with stories, vignettes and photos from behind the scenes that come directly from Bruins players, management and staffers who were on the ground in Belfast, Prague, throughout North America and, most importantly, Vancouver. 

Beyond a mere coffee table book," the management, administration and players of the Black & Gold gave themselves extensively to Full :60 to History, as Owner Jeremy Jacobs, President Cam Neely, General Manager Peter Chiarelli, Patrice Bergeron, Andrew Ference, Mark Recchi, Tim Thomas, Shawn Thornton and captain Zdeno Chara have all penned pieces specifically designed to fill the gaps in fans' understanding of the games and events surrounding Stanley's return to Causeway Street. 

As members of the Bruins traveling team staff, co-authors John Bishop and Eric Tosi were there for it all, privy to unprecedented backstage access to how this championship season unfolded. From the disappointment in the Bruins locker room after the club's historic collapse versus Philadelphia in 2010 to the Bruins phoenix-like return to action against the Coyotes in the Czech Republic, through the unforgettable celebration in the Rogers Arena dressing room on June 15, 2011, it's all here. Exclusive insight into the moves that Chiarelli made (and didn't make), intermission speeches and postgame talks that only those inside the locker room heard, the story behind Horton's "Water Bottle" and countless other memorable moments from the 2010-11 season are all explained in full detail. 

Fans of the Black & Gold will enjoy Full 60 to History for hockey seasons to come as it immortalizes and chronicles an event that was 39 years in the making. The contents will surely rekindle the heartwarming moments when their heroes raised the Cup for the first time in nearly four decades. 

Frankly, to get any closer to the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Championship season, you'd have to be wearing skates.